Verifier IQA Course UK

Still trying to find a reliable verifier IQA course in the UK? If so, the Teacher Assist website is the place you need to be. We are a highly trusted education provider, with level 3 – 5 courses in various departments of teaching. Most of our work is based online, where we have created a learning portal so that students can access a range of materials anytime. If you are looking for a specific course, simply get in contact with a member of our customer service team, where they are more than happy to help find the path for you.

In order to guarantee dependable results for schools and colleges, all of their exams are marked by an internal quality assurance team. As a result, it’s vital that all assessors are qualified and capable of handling the task, which is why they should always take part in one of the best verifier IQA courses in the UK. By taking part in our program, they will receive work that is composed of two main units, with the first being the understanding principles & practices of internal assurance, and the second, internally assuring the quality of assessment. The course is estimated to take between 3 to 9 months, though this depends on how much time you are able to invest to complete the work.

In order for us to carry out our verifier IQA course in the UK, we have made sure to employ a skilled team of tutors, support staff and administrators. We work closely with multiple organisations and educational boards to ensure that all of the work we are carrying out is honest and reliable, guaranteeing that you are receiving the correct information in order to become an internal quality assurance verifier. All of our work is also approved by NFCE and the Training Qualifications UK Board, both of whom will award you a certificate of achievement once you have completed the course.

Here at Teacher Assist, we understand that not everyone learns the same way, which is why we always look to provide continuous support and assistance when needed. Our team will also produce a range of resources that will help every individual to find their own way to learn. For example, depending on the course, there will be power points, hand-outs, videos and assignments, however, each tutor will be more than happy to create additional content if required.

If you are interested in finding out more about the leading verifier IQA course in the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of Teacher Assist today. Our customer service team is available on 01132 121347, where they will be able to address any concerns or questions about any of our sources. For further information about a specific course, be sure to email us at, and expect a reply within a single working day.